The Belarde Company has over 25 years specializing in providing “architectural concrete solutions” to architects, landscape architects, interior designers, owners, contractors, construction managers, and consultants. As an award winning decorative concrete contractor, our knowledge provides our clients with the assurance that their artistic vision becomes a reality. Our extensive portfolio highlights innovative, creative, and practical approaches to a wide range of projects.

Our experience and commitment to innovation gives Belarde Company the foundation to apply emerging techniques and materials to create fresh new looks to architectural design concepts.

The Belarde Company is the highest regarded award-winning architectural concrete contractor in the Pacific Northwest, headquartered in the Seattle area and servicing Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Please review an article written by Concrete Decor Magazine that highlights our commitment to quality:  Concrete Decor – January 2010.   If you would like to learn more about the innovative possibilities of your future project, please contact us.

Belarde Decorative Systems
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Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate finishes can provide remarkable effects on otherwise plain concrete walkways, decks, and plaza surfaces. The majority of aggregate finishes use mineral materials, such as sand or small stones, used in concrete mixtures. Many types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve unlimited color and texture variations.
There are a few different ways of creating an exposed aggregate finish in concrete. The most common methods are:

  • Seeding your preferred aggregate into the surface of the concrete.
  • The monolithic technique where the aggregate chosen to be exposed is mixed into the batch of concrete
  • The topping slab method where a topping slab of concrete is used to create an exposed aggregate finish.


Lithocrete® is a patented architectural concrete paving system developed by Shaw & Sons. Lithocrete® systems provide strong resilient surface that does not the experience the delamination or fading as other decorative concrete processes. The visually distinct surfaces possible maintain the structural properties of reinforced concrete, combined with the aesthetic quality of surface-seeded select aggregates.

Aggregate materials include but are not limited to:
  • Crushed rock – granite, obsidian, quartz, serpentine, marble
  • Glass – opaque or translucent in hundreds of colors
  • Gems and minerals – turquoise, agate, pyrite “fools gold”, jasper, serpentine
  • Seashells, beach pebbles
  • Silica carbide, Mica, “Pixie Dust”
  • Limestone, terra cotta, slate, tile, brass insets, etc.

Litho Mosaic®

Litho Mosaic™ is a unique structural concrete process that combines mosaics with concrete. The Litho Mosaic™ system allows artists/designers to create original mosaics which can then be installed utilizing the patented process that incorporates mosaic patterns within the original Lithocrete® paving system. The combining of the two systems delivers the only process in the architectural concrete industry that installs mosaics in a full thickness monolithic pour, allowing designers the ability to provide project owners a unique art piece at significantly less cost than any other processes.


Porous Paving

Belarde Company has several porous paving systems that can be applied to provide concrete surfaces that allow for the movement of stormwater through the surface. The pervious concrete systems reduce runoff, effectively trap suspended solids and filters pollutants from the water. Several of our systems are nearly indistinguishable from nonporous materials.
Grasscrete – a Bomanite® Pervious Concrete System, is a cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavement that is continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity. Bomanite® Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces providing a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable green product design used for emergency access lanes, delivery access routes, overflow parking areas, and for intermittent drainage channels that help prevent erosion.



Bomanite® is recognized as the original cast-in-place, colored, textured, and imprinted architectural concrete system. After more than fifty years it is still known across the globe as the finest custom paving and flooring product in its class. Bomanite® currently features over 100 patterns and an infinite variety of custom tooling options and a limitless palette of colors, textures, and patterns. Designers can choose from a variety of textures such as granutes, slate, limestone, sandstone, cobble stone, and used brick.


A textured version of the original Bomanite® patterns, this system is also cast-in-place, colored and imprinted, but provides the added dimension of texture and relief between the joint lines. Bomanite® and Bomacron® are both used in a wide variety of commercial, high-end residential and municipal applications where the designer wants to upgrade plain concrete or asphalt, or alternatively, wants to reduce the cost of installing natural paving materials such as slate or granite.



Lithocrete® Sedimentary Wall Systems
A Lithocrete® Sedimentary Wall is constructed in a method that replicates natural formations representing the stratified characteristics of the Earth’s geological layers. Perfect for a variety of projects where a natural outdoor look is sought, a sedimentary wall system is a great way to introduce true originality within a functional wall in any setting.
Shotcrete Walls
Shotcrete wall systems are a lower cost alternative to poured-in-place concrete formwork. Shotcreting allows for substantial savings in both form costs and construction time. Since it does not require the labor and materials of poured-in-place formwork, there is a significant schedule gain. Different types of Shotcrete finishes can be obtained – from “as shot” (natural or gun finish), scratched, troweled or smoothed, carved, sedimentary finish, exposed, and reactive coloration.
Form Liner Walls
Belarde Company form liners allow designers to incorporate a large variety of architectural finishes. The form liner walls process can be used on pre-cast or cast-in-place systems. Form liners can be an excellent alternative to using natural materials such as; River rock, Brick, Limestone, etc. Form liner wall systems are highly durable, very cost effective and provides patterns and textures that replicate natural stone.

Interior Toppings

Using a variety of toppings systems, Belarde Company has the ability of turning any stable substrate into a dynamic work of art at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with elaborate forming and design work. Our topping systems can be used on both interior or exterior surfaces. Our craftsman can refurbish old, worn out surfaces and turn them into new and exciting expanses of color, pattern and texture. While new construction projects can benefit from time saving and inexpensive topping application methods.

New construction, where complex design and color choices require costly multiple forming and pouring phases, benefits from Bomanite Topping Systems’ inexpensive and time saving application methods. With the budget constraints and tight deadlines often faced by architects and designers, toppings systems offer a great alternative.


Concrete Coloration Systems

Belarde Company can utilize a variety of different processes to apply a wide range of architectural concrete colorants to enhance your current space or newly designed areas. Color can be added to new concrete surfaces or can be applied on the top of existing concrete surfaces to give dramatic results to an otherwise gray surface. Color can be added to concrete by several methods. Color can be added into the mix (integrally colored), dusted on the surface (dry shake), hand applied with brushes, trowels, sprayers as liquids or powder forms (stains, dyes, tints, toppings). With the availability of many different methods to add color to your project, consult with our experts to see which system will work the best for your specific needs.


Architectural Concrete Licensee

We are the Pacific Northwest licensee for Bomanite® and Lithocrete® architectural concrete systems.

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