As you seek to set your future projects apart as distinctively different, Belarde Company can work with your design teams to apply the latest innovations in materials and techniques to enhance your development with decorative concrete. Architectural concrete has evolved greatly in the past decades and our experts can assist during the design phase, while our skilled craftsmen will ensure an outstanding finished product. Moreover, we also possess the experience to competitively meet your project’s requirements for standard site work, sidewalks, curbs, and street paving.
With Belarde Company’s extensive portfolio of paving, civil/site work, structural and decorative concrete projects we are in position to team with your general contractor to deliver an outstanding project.
A core value of our company is safety. As a top priority, we are committed to making absolutely sure that the safety of every employee is paramount. In order to maintain our outstanding safety record, we require that all of our supervisors receive formal safety training, including OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour courses. Our dedication to safety has resulted in a safety record well above the industry average. The Belarde Company is regularly recognized by the AGC of America’s Safety Award program for having injury incident and lost time incident rates 25% below the national industry rates. Belarde Company has received this distinguished award consecutively since 2010.

Promoting and practicing sustainability is a core cultural value of the Belarde Company.    We are committed because it’s the right thing to do for our community and our planet. While it is critically important to meet the needs of our current generation, we must not adversely impact the needs of future generations.   As a leading subcontractor in the Pacific Northwest we apply the principles of LEED both in the design process and on how we coordinate with other contractors on the job site.

Being the premier architectural concrete contractor in our region, our team can work with your designers in identifying materials, processes, and best practices to in achieving your project’s sustainability goals.  We lead by example in every way when addressing environmental concerns and our sustainability agenda. We strive to be stewards of sustainable practices by reducing the environmental impact of all operational and construction activities.

Belarde Company is committed to safely delivering on time, on spec, and on budget. We encourage you to review our Architectural, Civil/Site, and Structural  “Project Galleries” to see examples of our work. If you would like to learn more about the many possibilities we can bring to your project, please contact us.