April 2-3 is the Grand Opening of the Evergreen Floating Bridge.  Check the following link to learn more about many events realted to the Grand Opening: http://www.520golong.com/   Belarde Company built the SR-520 Evergreen Floating Bridge Precast Deck Panels, the driving surface of the bridge.  Belarde Company Foreman, Desiree Orange and his crew began work on the project in October of 2014.    Each precast panel is 15’ x 56,’ requiring 46 cubic yards of concrete.  In total, 24,564 cubic yards of concrete was poured to manufacture 534 separate panels.  Construction of the panels took place at the KGM Kenmore Industrial Park.  Belarde crews built two to three panels per day over the course of nine months.  This is a very important day and we hope to see you there.

520 Bridge 600x600 Grand Opening